Open a Bakery

Bakery Implementation

We’ve got some sweet treats just for you!

Option 1: New Installation

Installation Fee: 105 XTZ

Below are the benefits included when purchasing a Tezos blockchain server installation.

  • We will install the Tezos blockchain software on the server of your choice.
  • We will provide scheduled maintenance for all major and minor blockchain software updates. (Additional fees required for hosting maintenance.)
  • We will provide you with daily updates regarding your bakery status and earning.

A minimum of 8,000 Tezos is required to open a bakery per the Tezos governance.

Option 2: Become a Bondholder

Installation Fee: Free

Becoming a KryptStar bondholder on our Tezos Staking Platform has never been easier! Being a bondholder offers excellent incentives.

  • We enable you to receive the maximum reward available when compared to staking Tezos on your own.
  • There are no overhead costs such as hosting, software, hardware, or maintenance fees.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your XTZ assets are secured on a dedicated HSM (hardware security module) to ensure maximum security.
  • We provide continual maintenance and upgrades along with important security updates.
  • We provide you with a daily report regarding the platform’s status and its health.
  • You’ll receive daily updates on your Tezos rewards.

A minimum of 1,000 Tezos is required to become a bondholder.

Disclaimer: KryptStar is not a financial institution and does not offer any financial investment advice. KryptStar and its affiliates do not guarantee or make any claims to rewards expressed or implied in any way. There are no guarantees offered in regards to earnings, profits, gains, or rewards i.e. tokens.

The Kryptstar Staking Platform maintains its private keys through a state-of-the-art Hardware Security Module(HSM).

Don’t you feel better now that we got all that out of the way?