Staking Service and Educational Platform

Kryptstar staking is one of the oldest and most trusted staking platforms.  We provide a top tier staking platform as well as help out new validators get started.  This helps to increase the decentralization and security of the blockchains we support.

Our Crypto Staking Platform is Darn Good!

Our blockchain staking platform

is state-of-the-art, secure, reliable, and scalable for optimal performance.

We keep our stakeholders informed

with daily bakery health notifications, status updates, and rewards earned.

We encourage community involvement

so our stakeholders are not only invested but are also aware of the technology and its capabilities.

We Love our Delegators

KryptStar delegates automatically receive rewards with fee’s ranging from 3% (Aleph Zero) to 12% Tezos

We focus on high availability, maximum security, and cost-minimizing efforts to maximize our delegates ROI.

Want to run your own validator service? We provide consultation and implementation services for clients who would like to start their own personal Tezos bakery. 

Staking with Confidence

World Class Security

World-class security is paramount in the crypto sphere. KryptStar implements secure site-to-site PNs with SSH/SSL encryption along with security monitoring in place to block any possible intrusion.

Hybrid Infrastructure

KryptStar implements world-class infrastructure through a hybrid of on-premises and cloud hardware. All private keys are kept on a dedicated HSM(hardware security module) to ensure maximum security.


KryptStar offers full transparency regarding our public dealings. We also ensure that key stakeholders are informed of any issues or concerns within the infrastructure.


Our Team is focused on contributing to the crypto sphere. We ensure our client’s questions and concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Feel free to contact us anytime.